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peaq portal acts as a hub for all operations involving the $PEAQ/$KREST tokens. The portal furnishes a platform where users can provide liquidity, earn rewards, vote for their favorite DePINs and dApps, bridge to other ecosystems, and participate in governance.

Intentionally designed as the main interface for interactions with the $PEAQ/$KREST tokens, the portal's suite of features is planned to expand in response to the changing needs of our users. Currently, the portal incorporates two primary functions:

  • Home Page: The dashboard provides a comprehensive summary of vital metrics related to the peaq Testnet agung.
  • EVM Bridge: This tool streamlines the process of transferring $AGUNG tokens between the EVM and Substrate sectors of the Agung testnet.

Beyond these functions, peaq portal also offers a glimpse into the future of EoT NFTs and presents a clear demonstration of how voting processes for dApps and machines will work.

Try it out: peaq-portal