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Update on $PEAQ airdrop for $KREST holders

Stand by for an update on the $PEAQ airdrop for $KREST holders, including a breakdown of how to amp up the rewards by providing liquidity for $PEAQ. The snapshot for the airdrop will be taken after peaq’s mainnet launch.

Public offering announcement

A public offering of the $PEAQ token is in the works, awaiting final confirmations from third parties. Once announced, here will be a period of time between the announcement and the actual offering. There will not be a surprise offering.

$KREST airdrop for peaq Ambassadors

The first cohort of peaq Ambassadors will receive an airdrop of $KREST token — a gesture of appreciation for their hard work growing and promoting peaq and its ecosystem in the wider Web3 space and beyond.

peaq mainnet launch and token listing

A major milestone for the project is drawing close — after years of research and development, the peaq mainnet is finally slated to officially go live in the coming weeks, with the token launching too.

peaqosystem lift-off campaign: soft launch and hard launch

A new campaign focused on amping up ecosystem growth and adoption is set to take off, with rewards for people who use DePINs in the peaqosystem. The months-long campaign will include the soft launch stage, focused on community engagement and education, and hard launch stage, focused on network activity, after peaq network launch. A more detailed breakdown of the rules and the process is to follow — stay tuned to peaq’s official channels for more on this.

$PEAQ airdrop for $KREST holders

Once the snapshot is taken, the rewards for the $KREST holders will be calculated, and the distribution will begin — directly to the wallets holding $KREST. The community will have an opportunity to double the rewards by providing their $KREST tokens as liquidity for the peaq DEX.

Major peaq portal update

With the network launch, peaq portal, the community’s one-stop-hub for all things $PEAQ, will get a major update. Its functionalities will be gradually expanded to include staking, bridging, DEX interactions, community voting, and more.

Staking Dashboard

On the staking dashboard, the peaq community will be able to review the collator pool, including the earnings and stats for every collator. Community members will also be able to become delegators through the dashboard, helping to produce new blocks in a decentralized and censorship-resistant way.


A decentralized exchange will launch on peaq to work as a key hub for swaps and transactions within the ecosystem, opening the community access to the tokens of DePINs building on peaq and granting DePINs a crucial platform for further growth.

Cross-chain Bridges

peaq is committed to its vision of interoperable, multi-chain Web3, which makes bridging capabilities not just a crucial tool, but a strategic priority. The project will build on its existing integrations and capacities to link peaq with the wider Web3 space and enable a free flow of value and liquidity between the ecosystem and other layer-1 blockchains.

Machine Tokenization Platform

The first machine tokenization platform will be launching on peaq in the coming months, enabling communities and businesses to represent future revenues from value-generating machines as on-chain tokens and offer them to the wide Web3 community. The launch will be another major milestone, bringing new machines and use cases into the ecosystem and working as one of the key engines for the global transition to the Economy of Things.

These are the key milestones to come. Bear in mind that building takes time, and this list is meant as a high-level overview of what you can look forward to in the coming weeks. Specific dates and milestones may still fluctuate, and more details will be released on every point closer to its respective launch. Stay tuned to peaq’s official channels for more, and happy building.