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Join the Delegator Set

Open the Developer tab, and click Extrinsics. There, you'll need to submit the extrinsic with the collator of choice and your stake.

Developer → Extrinsics → Submission → parachainStaking → joinDelegators(collator, amount) Join Delegator

  1. Select Id in the dropdown list in the field collator: MultiAddress (LookupSource).
  2. Paste the Id (which you copied during the previous step) to the Id:AccountId field.
  3. Enter the staking amount to the amount: u128 (BalanceOf) field.
  1. Keep in mind that krest has 18 decimals, so if you want to stake 250 tokens you'll need to enter 250000000000000000000.
  2. The min stake amount for the delegator is 100 $KREST.
  3. 1 collator can be backed up by 25 delegators max.
  4. Click Submit Transaction