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EVM Smart Contracts


EVM is short for Ethereum Virtual Machine the Ethereum state machine, which became de-facto standard platform for smart contract development. You can use Solidity or Vyper to develop for the EVM side of the chain. Also, you can deploy your existing EVM smart contracts from other chains by simply changing deploying settings.


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This page shows how to interact with the EVM compatible DID smart contract. Please refer to the EVM Remix page if this is your first time using our network with Remix. This will teach you how to setup a remix environment, add our networks, deploy, and interact with your smart contract.

📄️Native ERC-20

peaq inherits the ERC-20 Native Token precompile to interact with the peaq token as is it were a native ERC-20. This prevents the need to have wrapped representations of the same token and allows for easy interaction with the token without the need to deploy another smart contract. This guide will show you how to interact with peaq's testnet token, agung, through this precompile using Remix. If you are new to using Remix please see the guide for proper setup.


The vesting interface is designed to manage the vesting of tokens. Vesting is a mechanism used to lock tokens for a certain period of time, or until certain conditions are met. This allows for the gradual release of tokens to beneficiaries. Again, this page will show how to use the precompile to reference the deployed contract so users can directly interact with it.