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AI-Agents are available for deployment on peaq through integration with's autonomous agents. This integration empowers entrepreneurs and developers building on peaq to use Microagents for optimizing and automating various business processes in the Economy of Things. Ultimately, this will lead to machines providing services more efficiently for people and other machines, creating added value within the Economy of Things on the peaq network.'s agents can power a broad array of use cases within the peaq ecosystem. For instance, Microagents can connect drivers of any vehicle type with the optimal parking spot according to the driver's criteria. With a Microagent also representing the connected parking spot, they can manage the payment using peaq as the settlement layer. Additional use cases could include machine learning algorithms leveraging networks of edge devices, with token rewards for all participants, or selling data from connected sensors. In the end, this integration can enhance the efficiency of all kinds of dApps and DePINs (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) and generate more value for people and machines.