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Modular DePIN Functions

📄️peaq ID

peaqID is a new type of identifier designed for machines, devices, vehicles, or robots in Web3. It enables verifiable, decentralized digital identity and is based on the Decentralized Identifier (DID) standard developed by the W3C. peaqID serves multiple purposes, including:

📄️peaq access

peaq access is a powerful functionality for implementing advanced access control on the peaq network. It allows you to restrict access based on user roles and is essential for developing DePINs/dApps. This functionality allows dApp developers to implement logic for a vast number of use cases in the Economy of Things. For example, they can grant or deny access to using a car in a car-sharing dApp, or restrict entrance to specific areas based on user privileges.

🗃️peaq verify

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📄️peaq pay

The peaq pay functionality simplifies payments between machines or users and machines. When interacting with DePINs, users often face challenges ensuring that the service will be completed in full. For DePINs, the challenge is ensuring that the user's wallet will have enough funds to pay for a service. peaq pay helps to solve this issue by implementing a process that consists of three stages:


AI-Agents are available for deployment on peaq through integration with's autonomous agents. This integration empowers entrepreneurs and developers building on peaq to use Microagents for optimizing and automating various business processes in the Economy of Things. Ultimately, this will lead to machines providing services more efficiently for people and other machines, creating added value within the Economy of Things on the peaq network.