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Get $AGUNG tokens

This guide explains how to request the $AGUNG tokens (testnet tokens) from the faucet bot on Discord.


  1. Substrate (SS58) address. (e.g. polkadot.js or Talisman wallets)

  2. Discord account

  3. Join the peaq server

Getting $AGUNG

Obtaining the tokens is incredibly simple. Join the Discord channel #agung-faucet, and then send a formatted message with your wallet address. The bot will then send 1.0 $AGUNG to your wallet.

Message format:

!send <your-wallet-address-here>

For example, here's a message requesting the bot to send $AGUNG tokens to 5HZ89ZMLw1QTFKtE4iegxQUoB452418J4vSXYuebjcNcKNVm wallet.

!send 5HZ89ZMLw1QTFKtE4iegxQUoB452418J4vSXYuebjcNcKNVm

After sending the message you should see a success message from the bot: