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peaq ID

peaqID is a new type of identifier designed for machines, devices, vehicles, or robots in Web3. It enables verifiable, decentralized digital identity and is based on the Decentralized Identifier (DID) standard developed by the W3C. peaqID serves multiple purposes, including:

  • Enabling machines to identify and authenticate one another
  • Facilitating transactions between machines
  • Verifying assertions made by machines
  • Preserving privacy and upholding sovereignty

By adopting the DID standard, peaqID establishes a robust framework for machine identities on the peaq network and beyond. It simplifies communication between different types of machines, promoting interoperability and seamless integration.

There are two ways to assign peaqIDs to your machines, devices, vehicles, or robots:

  1. via function from SDK

  2. via DID Pallet

  3. via EVM smart contract