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Join the Collator Candidate Pool

Request to Join a Collator Pool

Go to the polkadot.js portal, open the Developer tab, and click Extrinsics. There, you'll need to submit the extrinsic:

Developer -> Extrinsic -> parachainStaking -> joinCandidates(stake)


The min stake amount for the collator is 50,000 $KREST.



Keep in mind that krest has 18 decimals, so if you want to stake 50,000 Tokens, you'll need to enter 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

  1. Enter your stake into the stake: u128 (BalanceOf) field.

  2. Click Submit Transaction.

Check if You Are in the Active Set of Collators

Open the Developer tab, and click Chain state. There, you will be able to check whether your stake was big enough to get a set in the active set of collators (top 16 collators by total stake).

Developer → Chain state → Storage → parachainStaking → topCandidates()

Chain state

  1. Confirm that your collator account is in the result

Confirm that Your Collator Node is Authoring Blocks

Wait for two sessions (2400 blocks or ~8hrs) to see whether your node starts authoring blocks. You can verify it by going to the krest block explorer and checking that your address started getting collator rewards.