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peaq control serves as a comprehensive platform for machine management on the peaq network. It enables the connection of various types of machines to the peaq network, their assignment to dApps, and the monitoring of machine utilization and earnings.

The process works as follows: machine owners connect their wallets to peaq control, set up an organization (which will be used for access management later on), and register their physical machine (or device) on the chain. Upon registration, a unique peaqID is automatically assigned to the new machine.

Once the machine is registered on the network, the owner can assign it to a compatible dApp of their choice, such as a decentralized car-sharing service. Once the machine is listed on the dApp, it becomes available for use by dApp users, providing value and earning rewards. Machine utilization, statistics, and earnings can all be monitored through peaq control, giving machine owners the necessary tools to effectively manage their machines.

Try it out: peaq-control