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Fundrs is a fully-decentralized peer-to-peer funding platform. Launched by end-to-end decentralized finance solutions provider AllianceBlock, Fundrs enables developers building dApps on peaq to raise funds on a cross-chain platform based on reputation and merit.

Fundr’s financing platform enables founders to pitch start-ups and secure community financing while providing platform users with early access to their tokens. Additionally, peaq builders can have the option to create compliant capital raising rounds with AllianceBlock TIDV (Trustless Identity Verification). The fully decentralized application is meant to foster cross-chain communication and funding, bringing the blockchain space together to develop and grow.

peaq is the first project within the Polkadot ecosystem to integrate with Fundrs. The current integration is a test integration and supports peaq’s Agung testnet. It will expand to its other chains in the future, enabling the Fundrs community to support projects geared toward decentralizing real-world services. dApp builders may start testing at this link.

Raising Capital on

Projects seeking funding on AllianceBlock's must complete the following steps:

  1. Pass an investment pre-qualification test & fill in a project listing form
  2. Complete a application & provide start-up project details
  3. Start a Token Sale

The solution to launch a private token sale, grants projects quick access to raised funds by claiming the USDC from the app’s escrow after the sale ends. Additionally, the DeFi Terminal offers an easy solution to launch your token with liquidity and an integration with the AllianceBlock DEX.

Investors participating in the private token sales simply purchase tickets to receive a funding NFT, which can be redeemed for vested project tokens monthly. Thereby they can be part of a participative economy and manage assets in a decentralized way while accessing analytics with auto financing functionalities.

While maintaining a decentralized capital-raising model, the increases project accountability. Additionally, the platform allows both Seekers and Funders to discuss project information, objectives, and development.