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peaq pay

The peaq pay functionality simplifies payments between machines or users and machines. When interacting with DePINs, users often face challenges ensuring that the service will be completed in full. For DePINs, the challenge is ensuring that the user's wallet will have enough funds to pay for a service. peaq pay helps to solve this issue by implementing a process that consists of three stages:

  • Creation of a multi-sig wallet: The consumer of the service will need to deposit a certain amount required for the service.

  • Funding the multi-sig wallet: This is done using the sender’s existing wallet on the network.

  • Approving refund and spent transactions: This happens after a completed charging session.

The payment function consists of multiple pallets. In order to implement it successfully, you have to combine Pallets Multisig and peaq balance:

  1. via multisig pallet

  2. via peaq-balance pallet