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peaq access

peaq access is a powerful functionality for implementing advanced access control on the peaq network. It allows you to restrict access based on user roles and is essential for developing DePINs/dApps. This functionality allows dApp developers to implement logic for a vast number of use cases in the Economy of Things. For example, they can grant or deny access to using a car in a car-sharing dApp, or restrict entrance to specific areas based on user privileges.

Key features of peaq access:

  • Easy Implementation: peaq access is implemented as a Substrate pallet, making it simple to integrate and use.
  • User Groups, Roles, and Permissions: Create user groups, assign roles, and define permissions to control access effectively.
  • CRUD Operations: Perform Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations to manage user groups, roles, and permissions.
  • Seamless Interaction: Access peaq access functionality through extrinsic calls, enabling users to request access, validate permissions, and perform authorized actions.

By using peaq access, you can easily set access control, ensuring that only authorized machines, individuals, or entities have access to sensitive resources and operations on the peaq network.

There are two ways how you can use this functionality:

  1. via functions from sdk

  2. via rbac pallet