Withdraw tokens from an ETH Wallet to a Substrate wallet on Agung (peaq Testnet)


Note: we are working on a tool to make the process much more user friendly.

Generate your deposit address

  1. 1.
    Copy your Substrate address (Public Key)
2. Use this website to calculate your withdrawal address for Substrate. Paste your (1) Substrate address under the AccountId to Hex text input. Copy the first 42 characters from the converted result, or 40 characters with exception of the "0x"
In this case, we will send AGNG to the address 0xd6fbaf5f0eafd5b1fe6911930c925f1ce4ae7363
3. Send AGNG from your ETH wallet to this recent copied ETH address
4. Approve and sign the transaction. Pay the calculated gas for this transaction.
Your transaction is on its way. After a few seconds you should have it completed.
6. Complete the form to call an Extrinsics, like the following example:
  • Using the selected account: Who is paying fees for the transaction? in this case could be your own Substrate address (if you have balance), or any of the development test accounts, like ALICE or FERDI.
  • submit the following extrinsic: select evm
  • source: H160: the ETH address which we recently send AGNG (0xd6fbaf5f0eafd5b1fe6911930c925f1ce4ae7363)
  • value (BalanceOF): how many AGNG will I retrieve from the Extrinsic. In this case .2 AGNG = 2 + 17 zeros or 1 AGNG = 1000000000000000000 (+ 18 zeros)
7. Sing the transaction. Wait a few seconds for a confirmation. Your AGNG should arrive to your account.
Et voilà, you have successfully transferred Tokens from your ETH Wallet to your Substrate Wallet.
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