How to get AGNG (peaq Testnet) tokens from the faucet
This guide explains how to request the agung faucet bot on discord to send tokens to your wallet.


1. An agung wallet 2. An account on 3. Joined the channel #agung-faucet

Getting AGNG

Getting the tokens is super easy. Once you have joined the discord channel #agung-faucet you simply have to send a message with the following format on the channel and the bot will send 1.0 AGNG (or the normally distributed amount at that time) to the wallet you specify.
The format of the message is
!send <your-wallet-address-here>
For example, here's a message asking the bot to send some AGNG tokens to my wallet Note: Use your own wallet address
!send 5HZ89ZMLw1QTFKtE4iegxQUoB452418J4vSXYuebjcNcKNVm
If all goes well then you should see a message similar to the following