peaq Node Installation Guide
Following are the steps required to be followed for setting up peaq node.

Step # 1:

Click here and download the highlighted tar file. Kindly note this link is public and can be accessed through any browser.
peaq network node (Github Access Page)

Step # 2:

After successfully downloading the required tar file please use the below mentioned command to extract the contents:
tar zxvf peaq-node-agung-apr-7-2022.tar.gz && chmod +x peaq-node
The above command will output a single binary and mark it as executable.

Step # 3:

To run a "pruning" node please use the following command, this will create a chain-data folder in the current directory which will contain fetched data from the Agung network.
./peaq-node --chain agung
Once the command is executed properly, the screen should appear as below, if not, please reach out to us on our github repo here. As the node starts it will synchronize with peaq network and import all previous blocks. This process may take a few minutes depending on your network speed.
peaq node getting started
Importing blocks from peaq node
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Step # 1:
Step # 2:
Step # 3: