The PEAQ Token
The lifeblood of the Web3 Economy of Things.
The $PEAQ token is much, much more than a means of payment. It enables every core function in the decentralized Economy of Things, including ownership of machines via NFTs and liquidity provision for DeFi mechanisms. It is the first token to power a machine economy that aligns the incentives of all network participants.

1) Machine DeFi

  • Liquidity for Liquidity Pools must be provided in PEAQ
  • Rewards to the community, machines, validators and nominators are handed out in PEAQ
  • Liquidity Mining is performed using PEAQ

2) Machine NFTs

  • Machine NFTs are LP tokens representing ownership of Liquidity Pools. Machine NFTs must be minted using PEAQ. Machine NFTs represent proxy partial ownership of machines and/or the machine economy and work to align all stakeholders.

3) Machine Economy Operations

  • Transaction fees are paid in PEAQ
  • Deployment of smart contracts is paid in PEAQ
  • Network governance is performed using PEAQ
  • Use of Web3 bridges is paid in PEAQ
  • peaq network validators are rewarded in PEAQ

4) Machine Deployment

  • The creation of new Machine Identities is paid for in PEAQ
  • Subsidization for new devices/machines is received in PEAQ
Token Metrics:
PEAQ. The peaq token can found on coinmarketcap and coingecko. Total Supply: The total number of tokens is 4,200,000,000 tokens.
Please note that the PEAQ token is not in circulation yet. All timelines and release dates will be communicated via all channels listed at resources.