Introducing the peaq network
The peaq network is optimized specifically for the transactions required by our specific use case - the Economy of Things. This focus allows us to provide the best possible infrastructure for the Economy of Things by taking into consideration many mainstream M2M and IoT use cases.
The transactions on the peaq network are optimized for the operations required by the machine economy. This allows for faster execution of logic and finality of transactions. The optimization of transactions, together with our PoS architecture, is also what brings down the transaction costs dramatically.
For developers and specific use cases requiring demanding computation, we can provide custom APIs and tools that come with the blockchain node itself instead of smart contract APIs which are relatively slow and hence cost more compared to the node integrated offering.
The peaq network is built on Substrate to become part of the Polkadot ecosystem in order to bridge to other networks within the Polkadot ecosystem, creating interoperability and leveraging the vast innovations for the machine economy, especially in the field of DeFi.
There is a lot more information available on Substrate here for those who want to dive deeper.
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