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Fund EVM Wallet

Provides an explanation on how send peaq/krest/agung tokens from a Substrate SS58 wallet address to a EVM compatible H160 wallet address.

Create an Ethereum wallet

  1. Get Metamask from the Metamask Wallet Extension
  2. Add agung network to Metamask using the configuration (or krest/peaq):

Convert Substrate Wallet to an ETH wallet

Process of converting your H160 Ethereum address to an SS58 Substrate address for token transfer

  1. Copy your ETH address (Public Key)
  2. Use the website to calculate your deposit address for Substrate.
  3. Change the address scheme to "H160".
  4. Leave the "Change address prefix" at "5".
  5. Enter your ETH address (Public Key) into the "Input address" field. evm-wallet-1
  6. Copy the lower address which represents your deposit address evm-wallet-2

Now you have an SS58 Substrate address that is tied to your Ethereum wallet. Next step is to transfer the tokens from the agung supplied wallet to this newly generated address.

Transfer Tokens

  1. Go to polkadot.js agung accounts page
  2. Click on the send button evm-wallet-3
  3. Paste your EVM converted address into the send to address field and hit enter evm-wallet-4
  4. Input the amount of agung to transfer and click Make Transfer evm-wallet-5
  5. Authorize the transaction by signing and submitting evm-wallet-6
  6. Enter your substrate wallet password to complete the transaction evm-wallet-7
  7. Go to Metamask to make sure your tokens have been sent correctly evm-wallet-8

Congrats! You have just sent agung to your EVM wallet. Now we have the funds to deploy your EVM contracts to the agung test network.