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Guidelines for official announcements & social media posts

peaq kindly asks all project teams to only make announcements after the peaq Foundation has approved the announcement in written communication. This is to protect the community from projects that only intend to use the announcement to raise funds or create noise but do not intend to deliver, deploy and operate the project in the best interest of the entire peaq ecosystem. The peaq Foundation reserves the right to terminate any approved grants if this is violated.

Further Guidelines:

  • The announcements should focus on the technology and products being developed and deployed.

  • Ideally, it should include a demonstration of the product and a guide for users and/or developers to use it.

  • It should include links to Github and the website or app.

  • Terms like "partner, partnership, strategic, and affiliate" that imply a legal relationship between two entities due to the nature of the peaq network should be avoided.

  • Words like integrate, deploy on, build, and compose with elaborate the specifics of the project can be used.

  • peaq does not prefer a certain technology over others, as peaq is an open network, so no indications regarding this matter in official announcements should be made.