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The peaq DePIN Grant Program, launched by the peaq Foundation, rewards projects, software development efforts, and research in the field of decentralized Economy of Things that benefit the peaq ecosystem.

The maximum amount of funding per successful graduate is limited to a total value of 50,000 USD (in krest tokens, peaq tokens, and USDC). Larger funding requests will require in-depth due diligence and evaluation.

For the Grant Program, we initially allocated 1% of the total peaq token supply plus 50,000 USD in stablecoins from the Foundation treasury. The Peaq Foundation reserved a total of >10% of the total peaq token supply for grant and ecosystem initiatives such as this one. In future initiatives, it is planned to involve community votes as well. Moreover, the Peaq Foundation commits to keeping everything documented to provide the maximum transparency to its community and stakeholders.

Please note that announcements about receiving a peaq Grant can only be made once the first milestone is accepted and that projects should not seek to cover 100% of their funding via the peaq Foundation Grants Program.