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General Process Outline

1. Application

Apply through this Typeform on the website. All project teams will receive an automatic email confirmation receipt.

In case of questions please contact peaq Foundation at

2. Application Review, Due Diligence, and Decision

Each application will be pre-screened by the peaq Foundation:

  • If an application is rejected in this instance an email will be sent to the project team.

  • If the first screening is successful further research will be conducted by peaq Foundation and additional information may be requested from the applying project team After the initial application screening, an intro call with the peaq Foundation and the project team will be scheduled (15 minutes).

All parameters will be added to a decision matrix with a weighted score.

Based on the second screening, the call with the project team, and the resulting decision matrix score, the “pre-approved” projects will be presented in a summary to the Grant Program Committee.

The peaq Grant Program Committee on behalf of the peaq Foundation will review each application and vote FOR or AGAINST each presented project. Each Committee Member has 1 vote. For a decision to be made, at least 3 members have to agree FOR or AGAINST a project. If a member is not able or does not want to vote within 3 days of the presented projects, the voting right for this voting round will go to the peaq Foundation. A final decision shall be made within a maximum of 4 weeks after the initial application is submitted. The project team will be notified via email, if they have been accepted to the grant program or not.

3. Planning of Milestones

Pre-set milestones shall be communicated during the application process and will be agreed upon in writing after the project has been admitted to the Grant Program. Ideally, a maximum of 3 milestones are set following the guidelines below:

  • Documentation: documentation for APIs, architecture, and overview of the project, algorithms, and mechanisms of the protocols, tutorials, and articles that articulate using the protocols and applications need to be submitted.

  • List of Details: details e.g. links to specific code location, documentation, and guides, so that we can easily verify the deliverables against the original application.

  • Code completeness: A complete codebase that is compilable and runnable should be submitted.

  • Tests: a step-by-step guide to demonstrate how the code achieves the milestone. It should contain unit tests, integration tests, and user acceptance tests.

  • Deployment and running application: a step-by-step guide to deploy and run the contracts, protocols, and application programs.

  • License: The license for each repo should be included.

4. Payout of the grant

The payout of the grant shall be received within 7 days after the approval of each successfully delivered milestone/deliverable.

5. Confirmation of the grants received

After finalizing the 3rd milestone and receiving the third part of the grant payout, the project shall confirm receipt of the grant payouts by email to

6. Introduction to the peaq team and relevant partners for ongoing support

Having been admitted to the program the project team shall be introduced to relevant partners and partners in the peaq Ecosystem.