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Raspberry Pi

The first line of code imports the peaq Python SDK. This SDK provides a set of functions that you can use to interact with the peaq network.

The next few lines of code initialize the peaq client, connect to the peaq network, and create a new machine. The machine is given a name and a description.

The following line of code registers the machine with the peaq network. This means that the machine will be added to the peaq network and will be able to participate in the network's activities.

The last line of code gets the machine's ID. The machine's ID is a unique identifier that is used to identify the machine on the peaq network.

# Fictional peaq Python library (for illustration purposes only)
import peaq

# Initialize the peaq client
client = peaq.Client()

# Connect to the peaq network

# Create a new machine
machine = peaq.Machine(
name="My Raspberry Pi",
description="A Raspberry Pi running the peaq network",

# Register the machine with the peaq network

# Get the machine's ID
machine_id =

# Print the machine's ID
print("Machine ID:", machine_id)