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Camera Natix

NATIX, the visionary company behind NATIX Network, is on the verge of an exciting partnership with peaq, the Web3 network driving the Economy of Things (EoT) on Polkadot. NATIX has harnessed its patent-pending AI technology, transforming ordinary cameras into smart devices that collect real-time actionable data while ensuring utmost privacy protection. With this groundbreaking edge AI technology, NATIX Network is set to empower a staggering 45 billion cameras, ranging from CCTV to those found on phones and tablets, creating the largest crowd-sourced camera network in history.

As cameras equipped with NATIX's AI software process feeds, gathering metadata and creating a Dynamic Map of their surroundings, owners are rewarded with crypto for contributing to real-time applications with this valuable data. The NATIX Drive& app further encourages users to explore and map the world using NATIX AI technology on their phone cameras, thus fostering a decentralized mapping economy. The points earned in this process can be converted into exciting products, services, and NATIX's native crypto token NTXT.

Joining forces with peaq, a prominent player in the Web3 landscape, NATIX seeks to revolutionize the future of mobility and connected industries. With peaq's focus on enabling entrepreneurs and developers to build decentralized applications and DePINs for vehicles, robots, and devices, the partnership is poised to drive unprecedented advancements in the industry. By co-creating standards alongside influential consortia like Gaia-X, peaq is at the forefront of fostering a new era of abundance and democratization in the Age of Automation.

The forthcoming collaboration between NATIX and peaq holds immense potential, bringing together cutting-edge AI technology, real-time data, and the power of blockchain to reshape the way the world interacts with cameras, mobility, and beyond. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as this dynamic partnership unfolds.

NATIX is making its way into the peaq ecosystem, ushering in a new era of collaboration. In this integration, NATIX introduces its flagship Drive& app and AI-powered decentralized sensor network to the peaq platform. Leveraging peaq's suite of tools for decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs), NATIX will assign self-sovereign peaq IDs to each sensor in its DePIN, ensuring enhanced security and control.

The first phase of this integration entails the development of a proof-of-concept (PoC) project on peaq. This PoC will test the utilization of self-sovereign peaq IDs within NATIX's highly acclaimed Drive& app, which has already garnered a massive user base of over 6,600 users since its release in April 2023. Notably, the app has mapped an impressive distance of more than 470,000 km of roads and detected over 7.2 million events. Additionally, the PoC will harness peaq access, the platform's robust role-based access management function.

In the second phase, the integration will become fully operational, seamlessly connecting the Drive& DePIN with the peaq network. As a result, Drive& users will have the exciting opportunity to earn extra rewards through peaq's machine rewards mechanism, which allocates a portion of network revenues to connected devices. To ensure a smooth transition, this integration may initially undergo testing on krest, peaq's sister network set to launch on Kusama this quarter, before being fully implemented on the peaq mainnet. The collaboration between NATIX and peaq promises to open up a realm of possibilities, revolutionizing the landscape of decentralized sensor networks and drive-to-earn applications. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative partnership.