Building a Smart Contract with Solidity
Solidity was created by Dr. Gavin Wood (coauthor of this book) as a language explicitly for writing smart contracts with features to directly support execution in the decentralized environment of the Ethereum world computer. The resulting attributes are quite general, and so it has ended up being used for coding smart contracts on several other blockchain platforms. It was developed by Christian Reitiwessner and then also by Alex Beregszaszi, Liana Husikyan, Yoichi Hirai, and several former Ethereum core contributors. Solidity is now developed and maintained as an independent project on GitHub.
The main "product" of the Solidity project is the Solidity compiler, solc, which converts programs written in the Solidity language to EVM bytecode. The project also manages the important application binary interface (ABI) standard for Ethereum smart contracts, which we will explore in detail in this chapter. Each version of the Solidity compiler corresponds to and compiles a specific version of the Solidity language.
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