Peer-to-peer V2X Service
(provider == authenticated)
(consumer == authenticated)
(consumer.enterZone.authorized == true) -> provider.enterZone.autor = init
Definitions: ProviderConsumer
Alice is responsible for managing toll roads where she is tasked to set up an easy and cost effective way to handle access and payment for cars and their owners wanting to use toll roads. However, she doesn’t want to use an expensive third party service for the electronic toll collection. Using peaq's functions, Alice’s Toll roads can be used in a direct, peer-to-peer manner. On his way to work, Bob wants to take a route that contains a toll road which gets managed by Alice. He enters the route into his car’s (Consumer) navigation system which initiates the drive-through request via smart contract for the toll road (Provider). The smart contract then validates that Bob has sufficient funds and blocks the required amount. The authentication is successful and Bob gets informed that his payment for the toll road was successful. The toll road is informed of the car’s identity (Consumer Public Key) to expect. Bob and his car arrive at the toll road zone where Bob’s car transmits its identity to the toll road which initiates a verification check via smart contract to validate the car's identity. After a successful identity verification Bob and his car are authorised to enter the toll road zone. Once Bob passes the zone, the blocked payment amount gets transferred to Alice.
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